Alternate Assignment for School Evaluation Summary

For this assignment, I created a Prezi presentation that delves into 21st century learning and the role technology plans play in continuing the path forward in the advancement of our ever changing educational environment.

I wanted to step back and look at where we’ve come from and examine the unique paradigm shift we are experiencing in education at this moment in history. We are standing on the break of an awesome explosion of knowledge and discovery.  This moment in time is unprecedented in the vast amount of growth we, as humans, have tapped into in such a short amount of time. I believe that we are all in the moment (over the next several years) that will redefine how we experience the world as human beings.

Never before could take our class to ancient Egypt, explore the Lourve and the masterpieces it holds, talk to people face to face (on a monitor) from other countries and cultures as a social study assignment. How we move forward from this point will  be determined by available technology and the planning (with the participation of educators  and administrators) that we do now to set the foundation of advancements.

I intentionally set up the Prezi presentation to read from right to left to visually show a change in structure, which I believe to be an inevitable change made to our academic system as it exists today.

I also found that I am truly passionate about this topic and am very interested in being a part of the conversation as we progress our educational goals into the future.


I have included a link to the Prezi presentation and have also added the PDF version for review.

Link to 21st Century Learning & Technology Planning

21st century learning

21st Century Learning Rubric


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